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Our holidays span every corner of Bhutan. Without compromising on the quality of our trips, we have tirelessly catered to travellers over a decade. Bhutan tours and treks are invariably unique experiences. While Bhutan is an exclusive destination, it is how you travel that sets your holidays apart.

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Complete Bhutan Tour

20 Nights / 21 Days

Complete Bhutan Tour

per person

The ultimate way to explore the culturally rich country of Bhutan is by taking leisurely time to process the enigmatic hidden realms where normal travelers wouldn’t go. This is a complete tour of Bhutan (metaphorically, of course), as we take 21 days to cover an incredible array of sights, sounds and places that gives you the opportunity to become a traveler and a deeply spiritual person.

In this trip, we’ll strike the right balance of exploring the rural and urban, rustic and luxurious, and village and city. We then discover the ancient and modern ways of Bhutan, visiting monasteries and fortresses and exploring the pulsating street life and markets of its towns. A stunning, intricately designed enigma, Bhutan is a country that has cultured just about every aspect of life into an art form. Exploring the Bhutanese art of integrating its proud ancient culture with its equally proud embrace of the modern, makes this a rewarding trip for any traveler.

21 Days
2+ Age
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Paro / Paro
  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and light jacket.
  • Included
    Complete Bhutan Tour
    3 Star Hotel Accommodation
    One time visa fees US$40
    Travel Insurance
    All Ground Transportation
    All taxes and fees
    Entrance fees to all the monument and museum
    Royalty US$ 65/person/night(Child under 12 year is exempt from Royalty US$65)
    Mineral drinking water
    Personal Guide
  • Not Included
    International Telephone Calls
    Laundry Bills
    Bar Bills
    International Flights
    Basic Trekking Equipments
    5 Star Accommodation
    All Meal While Trek
Day 1: Arrival Paro - Thimphu
On the wings of Dragon, fly into the Paro airport across the great Himalayas. It offers the best mountain views in the world. The representatives of BHUTAN MYSTERY TOURS will welcome you and drive to Thimphu on a fairly good double-landing road following the course of Paro and Thimphu rivers into the heart of the Thimphu city over the two dramatic flyover bridges. In Thimphu, visit Folk Heritage museum to see the old rural settings in the old traditional house. After lunch, visit the Centenary Farmers' Market to see the busy vegetable markets selling the nature's bounty by our farmers, and walk pass the cantilever bridge spanning the Thimphu river to visit the Jungshi paper-making factory to see how it is being processed and made and its gallery selling offers a wide array of its products, and also stop at the shop nearby to see the Bhutanese Thanka paintings on display. In the evening, visit the shops downtown to buy the needs of your choice.
Day 2: Thimphu - Ganteng
After early breakfast, drive to Phobjikha. En route, stop at Dochhu-La pass for the great mountain views. Dochhu-La pass is, indeed, the most beautiful mountain pass in the entire Kingdom with a 109 stupas circumscribing in a layer of three tiers to the top with its new temple overlooking the pass. Continue the onward journey to Phobjikha valley through the warm fertile valley of Wangdue with a brief stop at Wangdue to visit the Dzong atop the hill spur overlooking the two rivers below. In Phobjikha, visit Ganteng Goemba atop the ridge rising from the valley floor to see the beautiful temples inside and walk to the hotel following the nature trail for next 1 hour to the valley floor down the hill, across the small creek, by the village, and through the blue pine wood. The full view of the wetland habitat comes as you approach the valley floor and can see the Black-necked cranes feeding on the group. Phobjikha valley is one of the few glacial valleys in the Black mountain region, which is a chosen winter home of these heavenly birds and has its marshy habitat on the valley floor, which is managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nation from its Information Center.
Day 3: Gantey - Bumthang
Rise early to walk/drive to the Crane Information Center to watch the cranes flocked together at its roosting. The Center offers a telescope for the view. After breakfast, drive to Bumthang via Pele-La mountain pass into the Black mountain region of Trongsa and climb up the Yotong-La pass and beyond to the four valleys of Bumthang. En route, stop to visit the Yathra Weaving Center at Zugney in Chhume valley to see the colorful Yathras on display. If you're early, you will also find few girls at work on their horizontal looms.
Day 4: Bumthang - Mongar
After early breakfast, drive to Monggar via Thrimsung-La mountain pass. The journey to Monggar is one of the most beautiful one going by its rich forest cover through the Thrimsung-La wildlife Sanctuary, and one can always expect the Red panda to greet you by the roadside. En route, stop for a great mountain view from the Ura-La pass before Ura valley. A hot picnic lunch will be served at Sengor. If you make early, visit Monggar Dzong.
Day 5: Mongar – Lhentse - Mongar
Lhuentse is the cradle of the Wangchuck dynasty, and this is the region where our Kings have its origins. After early breakfast, drive to Lhuentse for next 3-1/2 hours and hike to Khoma Village from Khurba suspension bridge bypassing the Lhuentse Dzong for 1-1/2 hours each way to explore the village. Khoma is reputed for its silk textiles known as Kyishuthagra. Here, one can find women and girls engaged in its vertical backstrap looms. A hot picnic lunch will be served outside. A 4 days walk from Khoma village will take you to Singye Dzong, one of the places where Guru Rimpoche his Tibetan consort practiced Vajrakilaya. After lunch, Walk back to the road and drive to visit Lhuentse town. Lhuentse suffered a major crack from the September 21 earthquake. however, you can only appreciate the Dzong from outside. In the evening, drive back to Monggar for the night.
Day 6: Monggar - Trashigang
After breakfast, drive to Trashignag, which is only 4 hours drive. Trashigang is the largest district and is, therefore, often branded as the capital of the east. Trashigang is the commercial hub of the east and people from across the regions come to shop in the town. A drive is through several villages, which provides an immense opportunity to appreciate fully of the mountain settlements. On the way, visit Drametse monastery. This is the monastery established by one of the descendants of Pema Lingpa, who came to settle in the east.
Day 7: Trashigang - Trashiyangtse – Trashigang
Early breakfast to start the day early. Drive along the Gamri chhu is about 1-1/2 hours. En route, stop to visit Gomphug Kora, the cave where Guru Padmasambhava subdued the demon from Samye in Tibet, who is believed have escaped from Tibet to hide inside the big rock. Every year, a great circumambulation celebration is observed sometime in the early or late spring. People from all walks of lives come to join its festivity. A drive through the narrow road will take you to the wide valley of Trashi Yangtse to be greeted by the glittering stupa at the valley floor. Head straight for Bomdeling valley to visit and hike to Rigsum Goemba, which is about 3 hours uphill climb from the road point. Beat the same trail back to the base and stop to watch the black-necked cranes in its winter habitat and the famous Chhoeten Kora built after the model of Boudhanath in Nepal. The legend and myth behind the building of this has led to observe a religious order each year known as great circumambulation, which draws tens of thousands of devotees from across the kingdom and from outside, and drive back to Trashigang for the night.
Day 8: Trashigang – Rangjung – Trashigang
After breakfast, drive to Rangjung and visit Radhi village. Radhi is famous for raw silk, which is known as "bura". You can also witness women weaving raw silk. Drive back to Trashigang and visit the dzong atop the craggy ridge overlooking the confluence of Gamri and Drangme chhu below.
Day 9; Trashigang - Bumthang
After early breakfast, drive back to Bumthang for the night.
Day 10: Bumthang
After breakfast, drive to visit Jampa Lhakhang, which is the oldest temple in Bumthang, and walk on the farm road that goes through the fields to visit Kurje temple, which is the most sacred of all temples in Chhoekhor valley, and other two temples in the vicinity, and continue the walk to the other side of the river over the suspension bridge spanning the Chamkhar chhu to visit Tamzhing monastery, the seat of the Peling tradition established by Pema Lingpa, the great heart son of Guru Padmasambhava. This temple is the great source of the history of paintings in Bhutan, and few wall paintings are as old as the temple itself, and visit Kenchhogsum temple nearby. Terton Pema Lingpa is believed to have discovered the hidden treasures from the lake underneath the temple, and the passage to the lake is now sealed by a large neolith stones, which bears his insignia in the middle of the courtyard. After lunch, visit Jakar Dzong atop the ridge overlooking the Chhoekhor valley and is a masterpiece in itself going by its enormous size and the shape it bears. The salient figure different from the rest is the water reservoir tower that runs from behind the ridge to the nearby spring water at the foot of the ridge. Now, drive back through the Chamkhar town to visit Lodrak Kharchhu Monastery overlooking the Chamkhar town on the other side of the river. Namkhai Nyingpo, the incarnation of the first Tibetan disciple of Guru Padmasambha, has his seats there. The large assembly hall captures the wary imaginations with its beautiful wall paintings and striking statues of great Buddhist figures inside. Now, drive back to the main road and walk over the suspension bridge spanning the Chamkhar chhu to visit Wangduechholing palace built by the First King's father in 1857. En route, stop at Badhbalathang to visit the nearby shop to appreciate the Bumthang specialties.
Day 11; Bumthang
After breakfast, drive to visit the Flaming Lake in the Tang valley, which is only 1 km off the east-central driveway. This is the place from where Pema Lingpa discovered his first two treasures hidden by his spiritual father, Guru Padmasambhava and visit Vebsur Nunnery Buddhist Center before you drive back to Chamkhar town for lunch. After lunch, drive to Kurje and hike to Thangbi to visit the temple. Monastery celebrates its annual festival known as Thangbi Mani some in late September.
Day 12: Bumthang - Trongsa
After early breakfast, drive to Trongsa. En route, stop at Geytsa village and drive to Tharpaling and visit the monastery atop the ridge. After lunch, drive to Trongsa to witness the colorful festival.
Day 13: Trongsa
After breakfast, walk to the Dzong and watch the festival.
Day 14: Trongsa
After breakfast, walk to the Dzong and watch the festival.
Day 15: Trongsa - Wangdue
After early breakfast, drive to Kuenga Rabten to visit the palace, which is a 2-hour drive from the town, and drive back to drive to Wangdue. Stop at Chendebji for lunch, and visit Chendebji Chhoeten to offer prayers for the onward journey to Wangdue.
Day 16: Wangdue
Drive back following the road to Trongsa at Chhuzomsa and drive on feeder road for next 1 hour to reach the base and hike to the sacred site of Bae-Lang-Dra for next to 2 hours on a fairly beaten trail and visit the sacred sites and the beautiful village nearby.
Day 17: Wangdue - Punakha - Thimphu
After early breakfast, drive pass Punakha Dzong for 7 km and hike to Khamsum Yuellay Chorten atop the hillock up the stream, across the terraced fields, and through the pine wood, and drive back to visit Punakha Dzong And/Or drive for half hour on the same road upstream to Sirigang and hike for 2 hours from the road point to visit Chhoeten Nebu Monastery through the steeply winding upward trail to the top. After lunch, drive to Thimphu with a brief stop at Dochhu-La pass to visit the new Druk Wangyal Lhakhang atop overlooking the road pass below and appreciate its beautiful wall paintings and the giant trio Buddhist figures. Spend the evening downtown exploring on foot.
Day 18: Thimphu
After breakfast, drive north of Thimphu to the road end and hike for next 45 minutes to visit Tango monastery, one of the Buddhist Learning Centers, and continue the hike for next 1.5 hours through the beautiful wood to visit Drolung Meditation Center. The whole thimphu valley to the south and the surrounding mountains including meditions huts high up the mountains comes into full view, and walk back the other trail to climb back to the base. A hot picnic lunch will be served outside among the wood. After lunch, drive back to drop by the Bhutan post to buy or see the stamps at the sale counter, Memorial chhoeten to walk on the path to Buddhahood, National library to see the buddhists canons from four different Buddhist schools, and Dechen Phug monastery, the old Trashi Chhoe Dzong and the summer palace of the great Zhabdrung, to see the young monks learning. In the evening, visit Trashi Chhoe dzong on the valley floor to appreciate its enormous size and the mesmerizing architecture.
Day 19: Thimphu - Paro
After early breakfast, drive to Paro. From Bondey village, drive halfway to Chele-La pass and hike to Kila Goemba to visit the vibrant Nunnery School there. This is a chosen home of many adepts for medication practice and seclusion. Drive back to the town for lunch. After lunch, visit Dumtse Lakhang and Kychhu Lhakhang.
Day 20: Paro
After early breakfast, drive to the base at Ramthangkha and hike to Taktsang to visit all the sacred shrines within the complex and walk back to visit Macig Labdron's cave, which is at the base of the Taktshang crown and takes about 15 minutes to walk there. After lunch, visit the museum for a complete recap. In the evening, explore the Paro town to pick up something for your loved ones.
Day 21: Departure
See off by the representatives of BHUTAN MYSTERY TOURS. Trashi Delek and Thank You for visiting with BHUTAN MYSTERY TOURS.



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