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Our holidays span every corner of Bhutan. Without compromising on the quality of our trips, we have tirelessly catered to travellers over a decade. Bhutan tours and treks are invariably unique experiences. While Bhutan is an exclusive destination, it is how you travel that sets your holidays apart.

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Bhutan exudes energy that emanates as it emerges from its ancient customs and passes it on to the modern.

Spanning the heartland of the Dragon Kingdom, Punakha is filled with the glorious and well preserved remnants of that ancient, mysterious world.

It is difficult to comprehend the sudden spectacle of a Bhutanese Buddhist festival. It is, in one moment, vivid, dramatic, serene, yet vibrant with sounds and colors.

10 Days

The Trashigang festival is a revelation to explore; from the tranquil chants from Buddhist scriptures to the endless crimson dance moves of the benevolent deities, you can navigate the vast beauty of a culture of colors and charm.

12 Days

Mongar festival is a testament to Bhutan’s cultural riches. This wonderful festival is held every November and people from far and wide come to witness it.

11 Days

Grand Festivals are the key reasons to visit Bhutan, and our religious spiritual staff has short listed out the country’s premier festivals for our travelers to appreciate.

As Guru Rimpoche sat on a tigress and landed upon a sacred ground, he fought the evil forces that lay within and gave rise to a kingdom that would last for centuries.

Paro, Thimphu, Haa, Punakha, and Wangdue are quintessential Himalayan paradises: an endless stream of visual delights.

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