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Our holidays span every corner of Bhutan. Without compromising on the quality of our trips, we have tirelessly catered to travellers over a decade. Bhutan tours and treks are invariably unique experiences. While Bhutan is an exclusive destination, it is how you travel that sets your holidays apart.

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Bumthang is a vibrant burst of green amid ornamented houses that form small hamlets.

10 Days

Bhutan is, by universal acclaim, one of the world's most spiritually engaging countries.

16 Days

Whether you want an adventure or a relaxed holiday, the sheer majesty of Bhutan's landscapes are a wonder to behold.

13 Days

This is a trip that lets you completely explore the sublime beauty of Bhutan, a legendary realm of dragons (at least in spirit), ancient monasteries, and warm, cheerful folks who are thoroughly hospitable.

The ultimate way to explore the culturally rich country of Bhutan is by taking leisurely time to process the enigmatic hidden realms where normal travelers wouldn't go.

21 Days

Created as a conventional Bhutan tour, but focused instead on all the important sights...

In Bhutan, sprawling meadows of green hold gigantic fortresses called Dzongs, ornate temples, and prayers flags of a great civilization whose significance can only be grasped

This exciting country, with its deeply religious people and alluring past, is any traveler's dream.

11 Days

If you want to keep your vacation short, the places we visit on this epic trip will be the perfect getaway you desire.

This intimate glance at the unfamiliar, infrequently viewed regions of Bhutan begins at Paro. After Paro we move along the quiet road to the capital, a place bordered with glorious vistas of verdant hills.

11 Days
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