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Celebrating Trongsa’s Natural Beauty

Celebrating Trongsa’s Natural Beauty

A journey to Trongsa is as exciting and as winding as a dream—it’s about exploring the countryside of Bhutan on a four wheel drive, across a quiet road where sights unfold to a glaring dab of green shrouded in mist. But it’s an intimate ride too. Trongsa falls right at the heart of Bhutan and is historically significant. As you move from Wangdue, the 76 mile ride might take a bit but discovering the great Bhutanese countryside is a fascinating experience that takes you to out-of-the-way sites little visited by other travellers, where you can experience a timeless way of life.

The road to Trongsa is particularly narrow at times, as it runs across the mountainside steep drop on one side. There are dizzying turnings but for an adventure seeker, the journey isn’t difficult. After all, you are also rewarded with picturesque views of Bhutan’s pastures and forests.  In between travellers stop a while to view the amazing small waterfalls with pristine water flowing with careless abandon. The air is purer and the world seems to stop for a moment. The journey takes us through the Black Mountain where you cross the Pele Pass (11,220 ft/3,420 m), which is incidentally the highest point in this journey.  Like all high mountain passes in Bhutan, it is marked with a Stupa and colourful prayer flags, which are meant to bestow blessings to any traveller that passes by. You can also see exotic murals on roadside rock walls.

On the way, you can stop at Chendebji Chorten which is located at the confluence of two rivers. Built somewhere in the 18th century, the Chorten is a beautiful white Stupa with a lot of historical and religious significance. From here on, Trongsa is quite close as you see beautiful houses perched of hills as the mist shrouded scenery reveals itself gradually. When you enter Trongsa, you can immediately see the imposing, colossal Dzong, a magnificent fortress situated over a ridge. The Trongsa Dzong was the ancestral home of Bhutan’s royal family.  The Wangchuk Dynasty ruled the district of Trongsa before it ruled over the whole country in 1907. The first two kings ruled from this Dzong. Today, the tradition remains that the crown prince serves as a Penlop (governor) of Trongsa before ascending the throne. The strategic location of Trongsa gave the Dzong great control of the east-west trade and derived significant tax revenue from it. The only road connecting eastern and western Bhutan still leads through Trongsa and used to pass through the ground of the Dzong. The Trongsa Penlop had the power to divide the country by commanding the closure of the gate.

Apart from all of this, Trongsa also has a quaint little town that makes strolling around a wonderful experience. Trongsa is green and it is here, at the heart of Bhutan, you can see the natural essence of the country, the genesis of peace and tranquillity. If you get the time, you can also visit the Ta Dzong which served as a watch tower to the Trongsa Dzong. You could also visit the Thruepang Palace and the beautiful Kuenga Rabten Palace is just 23 km away from Trongsa.  Experience the glorious Trongsa with leisure, with its legendary history glaring at you, its fascinating fortresses filled with the echoes of an empire, delightful scenery, with an incredible selection of choices that takes you through the best of this enchanting realm.

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